Len Feehan takes the stress out of digital marketing for you and your colleagues.

Most businesses don’t have the luxury of affording a full time digital marketing professional. If you are in that groups, look to Len for guidance, consulting and training . He can help you stay current on digital marketing channels so you do not have to be burdened with it. By adding Feehan to your team, you can expect be able to use a tightly focused digital marketing strategy and tactics customized for your business and marketplace.

– Expand your online presence
– Increase website traffic
– Generation qualified leads
– gain greater brand recognition

I’ve helped companies around the world and to grow revenue. Whether you’re an early stage startup or an established large business, I can help.

Leonard Feehan services include:

  • Audits – web/print/eMail/Linkedin
  • Content – Inbound marketing / lead nurturing
  • eMail marketing
  • SEO & PPC
  • Web rebuilding
  • Software Training
  • Audio/Video

Feehan designs and develops high-quality websites that tells a story of your brand in an effective, lead-generating manner. From websites to landing pages blogs, Len’s creative initiatives will help energize your business and brand recognition.

Without good design and spot-on strategic messaging, your website’s content can be lost.Len will consult with you and identify strengths and weaknesses to your current site. He can help with your strategy, usability, practicality, and website graphics.

Feehan’s website audit provides a thorough analysis of your website and a detailed recommendations for rebuilding your digital marketing strategy. Len will advise and track your progress through website design and development.

Leonard Feehan Associates, LLC
B2B Digital Marketing Consultant and Marcom Coach
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July 2017
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