• Starting a new marketing coordinator position?

    Starting a new marketing coordinator or management position can be nerve racking right from the start. This is especially true if you are new to B2B marketing and have a limited amount of experience creating marketing material. It’s tough to get going. The products are technical and you need...
  • Prepping for the trade show season

    If you’re in marketing communications (or responsible for it), now is the time to start preparing for upcoming trade shows. The season is right around the cover and regardless of the booth size, planning ensures success. Here are some ways you can make your next tradeshow is worthwhile and...
  • Enhance Your Trade Show Booth With Video

    Trade show presentations played on a video loop can make potential customers take notice of your display. Creating a video presentation with your message supported by professionally edited motion graphics is a cost effective way to increase your results. There are three separate and distinct approaches to using corporate...
  • 3D Animation Demo

    Here’s an example of a 3D animation depicting the how fuel cells could work to charge cell phones. To develop this demo, we worked with the scientists at Foamex and developed a storyboard and then called up Kenn Macintosh of Animations Unlimited. Kenn purchased some of the stock  3D...
  • Use Featured Product guides and Interactive Programs at Trade Shows

    Printers and graphic designers love trade shows because most clients fill their timesheets and presses with promotional and technical literature plus several product data sheets. Most B2B clients get carried away and produce more literature than needed. Even if they hand out most of it at a show, most...
  • Strategy + Objects + Tactics = Winning Ideas

    Ideas are a dime a dozen but with the with the right strategic plan and agreed-upon goals, you can create marketing messages that command attention. You and your creative team will have the marketing muscle to turn a good concept into qualified leads and profitable sales. The key is...
  • Lead nurturing leads to more sales

    Once you get a lead, what do you do with it. Some are ready to buy so don’t be afraid to ask for the order. Most of your leads start by browsing or researching for the right product or service to fit their needs. Those leads need to be...
  • Create a richer client relationship

    Know your prospects lifecycle and nurture it Your potential client’s lifecycle is often a long process made up of many steps. So, make sure you give your visitors, leads and prospects clear next steps at each stage. Create a valuable customer relationship by guiding them at their own pace...
  • Trade Show Kiosk Introductory Video

  • Look Into Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite

    Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) lets you take text and images previously designed in Indesign and share them with others on iPads, tablets, iPhones, and Android Smart Phones without coding. Magazine publishers have jumped on this Indesign program addition to put their issues into all types of digital formats....
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