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Len Feehan has over 30 years of B2B Marketing Communications experience. He uses his expertise to guide business and individuals on how to best use digital marketing.  Corporations, small businesses and entrepreneurs let Len guide them and teach them how to best promote and market their businesses online. Len helps clients learn the basics of digital marketing and how best to implement these tools.

Knowing the basics is the first step to improving results and making it easier to cohesively working together so that everyone is working towards one common goal. Len works side-by-side executives, managers and coordinators to guide them on strategy, software and tactics customized for each company.

Websites, blogs, newsletters, social media, and print should work in concert with each other. His goal is to make your work easier and your brand stronger than ever.

Feehan’s project leadership, multimedia expertise, website development success and offset/digital printing production, make him the one choice for all of your B2B marcom needs. So, put 30 years of print management knowledge and over 15 years of digital marketing development experience to work for you.

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Leonard Feehan Associates, LLC
B2B Digital Marketing Consultant and Marcom Coach
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March 2018
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